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As a Certified Culinary Nutrition Expert, my goal is to support my clients’ journey to incorporate more whole food into their everyday cooking. More real food, less processed. More flavour, less salt, sugar, and preservatives. As a mother of four, I also relate to the need to get dinner on the table every day. I incorporate real food ingredients and simple solutions into my teaching to make everyday scratch cooking attainable for everyone I work with. More joy, less stress. More love, less guilt.

My cooking classes and structured workshops help my clients get the most out of the time we spend in the kitchen. I help them create a menu, meal plans, and recipes that suit their needs and can offer tools and products that make cooking from scratch every day easier.

I pride myself in sharing my love for food in a productive and authentic way that helps others to feel comfortable and confident in the kitchen; Whether that’s teaching kids in the kitchen or giving busy families more options for weeknight dinners.


I’m ready to help you add scratch cooking to your everyday routine. I’m excited to work together!

People who love to eat, are always the best people.

— Julia Child

Learning Opportunities

Work-from-home business opportunity

Training, mentorship, and community.  Earn an extra income, earn a full-time income, earn grocery money, save for a vacation, or pay off debts by sharing products and services with others. Choose the type of earner you’d like to be and I can work with you to design your ideal business.  You already share ideas and recommendations with those you care about every day, why not earn an income every time you share a product you love with people!

Learn How Today

Hands-on cooking

Book an Epicure cooking class and learn and earn at the same time!  Choose from individually curated menus created to showcase simple, everyday recipes and cookware intended to get dinner on the table in 20 minutes or less! 

As a host, you earn free and half-priced products as well as exclusive access to limited-time offers and products.

Learn More

Workshops, Events & Fundraising

Register ahead, join a class, learn new skills, try new food, and have fun! 

Kids in the Kitchen classes. Custom cooking class birthday parties. Freezer Meal Workshops. DIY Make & Take classes. Meal Planning/Prep workshops. Everyday Culinary Nutrition Basics.


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