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10 Easy Pantry Swaps to Try Now to Save $$ and Limit Processed Ingredients

Have you been looking for some easy DIY recipes or simple pantry items to swap out your traditional processed options? Well, look no further! These are some of my favourite and simplest swaps to make NOW for a happier and healthier pantry!

10 Easy Pantry Swaps to Try Now to Save Money and Limit Processed Ingredients

  1. Swap Soy Sauce for Coconut Aminos or fermented Tamari – significantly less sodium and sugar!
  2. Swap processed bread crumbs for some delicious and easy gluten-free options,  or make your own with dried bread ends or crushed nuts.  Homemade bread crumbs and croutons are quite possibly the easiest things you’ll ever make from scratch and once you do, you’ll NEVER buy them again!
  3. Swap Ketchup for an easy Home Made Version 
  4. Swap the Hellman’s for avocado mayo or make your own – check out the easy recipe here!
  5. Swap Sour Cream for Greek yogourt – Greek yogourt traditionally has less fat and more protein than sour cream (although, I love a creamy one made with full fat milk!) and is SO easy to make from scratch!  For the cost of a bag of milk and a few hours of hands off time, you can make it creamy, delicious and fresh at home!
  6. Swap traditional dairy for full-fat coconut milk (make sure the ingredients are coconut solids and water and nothing else) or make your own nut or seed milk – we learned to make almond/hemp/sesame seed milk and cashew milk around here when the baby was still allergic to traditional dairy.  They taste so much fresher, cost significantly less and generally have only two or three ingredients!
  7. Swap the Skippy or Kraft peanut butter for an organic nut-only version or use almond or sunflower seed butter. If you’re up for it, make your own!  Again, simple ingredients and simple process for some of the best tasting stuff you’ll ever try! No cheap fillers like canola oil and sugar either.
  8. Swap your shelf-stable salad dressings for fresh-made using your favourite Salad Dressing Mix and your choice of Evoo, Olive oil or avocado oil and vinegar of choice!  Save yourself 1/2 the fat, added sugar, sodium and hydrogenated oil!
  9. Swap store-bought salsa and guacamole for fresh-made in minutes and cut out the over-load of salt and sugar.
  10. Swap artificial sweeteners and processed white sugar for dates, organic cane sugar or coconut palm sugar.

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