If you hang out with me long enough, you’ll get to know that I genuinely believe the Direct Sales industry (or Network Marketing, or Multilevel Marketing depending on who you talk to….) is an opportunity for anyone to look into! It is an opportunity to work for yourself, to create something out of something you’re already passionate about and opens the door to all kinds of other learning and growth opportunities! Not to mention, for some it can be an amazing way to bolster or replace an income!!
These days, I am sure you know someone online that you’ve seen sharing a product they like. Most direct sales companies offer a competitive startup cost making the “getting started” part fairly simple and low-risk. But did you know, in Canada alone, there are more than 100 different direct sales companies offering products ranging from books, crafts, toys, food, makeup and jewellery to health products, cleaning supplies, food, cookware and so many more! While you’re out in the digital world perusing opportunities, keep these things in mind:

1. Is the product you are considering something you are already passionate about or enjoy using?
If you aren’t already using it, what about it draws you in and makes you think you’d want to represent the product or company? If you wouldn’t be comfortable using it every day, or talking to the people you love and trust the most about using it, maybe it’s not the product for you! That’s not to say that the people you love and trust will support your decision either way, but if you couldn’t imagine talking to them about it, you’ll find it even harder to talk to strangers about why you love and use it!

2. Is it a consumable product?When my husband and I were looking into choosing a direct sales company, this was one of his biggest questions (and consequently one of his biggest reasons for being on board with my decision to join Epicure!)

 As you grow your network, you’ll meet and work with people who will genuinely love your product. It is largely beneficial to choose something they will use up and need to replace regularly in order to maintain your business. If what you will be selling is a one and done or niche market product you may find it harder to maintain if you are always having to “sell” to new people every time.

3. Will you need to carry stock?
Is the contents of your startup kit really all you need to get into business or will you be required to order large amounts of product to display or sample? Are there seasonal changes that would require you to essentially buy a new kit every few months in order to have new stock to display? Will you be selling stock you’ve previously purchased (similar to consignment) or is your product shipped directly from your parent company to your customers? If there are seasonal changes to product availability are you expected to purchase all new product upfront?

4. Are there website fees?
These days most direct sales companies provide an ecommerce site for their representatives to use. Is it included in the cost of your startup kit? Are there monthly or annual renewal fees once your startup period is over?

5. Is there an autoship requirement for you or your customers?

Many companies offer an “insider” program where you receive product at a discounted price by signing up for their autoship program. What will that cost you? Autoship (whether it’s for you or your customers) will require a credit card and like the name suggests, will ship to you or your customers automatically every month. This is where representing a company with a consumable product comes in handy. Whether your company has an autoship requirement or you create something for your customers on your own, keep in mind that there is the possibility that you will end up with a lot of product sent to you, regardless of how engaged (or not) you may be with your business that month. Creating an autoship program for your customers may be a great way to guarantee regular re-order business every month but you will need to consider that the cost of commitment is fairly low so as not to be intimidating, and as already mentioned, a consumable product will help make this much easier to maintain.

6. What are the minimum requirements to stay active as a consultant?
Regardless of the company you choose, all direct sales companies will have an amount of product you are required to use or sell over a specified period in order to maintain your status as a consultant or representative. There are companies that require as much as $1000/month! With the company I currently represent, the requirements of $250/ 90 Days is fairly attainable. If you plan to advance within your company, it is also worth mentioning that you should look into the monthly requirements for the higher levels/ranks to know how much MORE you may be required to do as you promote. When you first start out, it can take some time to build a regular client base. Having large sales requirements right from the start can pose a challenge if you don’t already know a large network ready and willing to purchase from you.

7. What are the requirements for in-home or in-person events?
Some companies claim you can start immediately and work entirely “from your phone”. Others require that you hold in-person parties or attend live events. Some allow flexibility between both. While the company I currently represent still attributes the highest success rates for consultants who hold in-person live events, there is a growing opportunity for building a business online as well. And, at current press-time of May 2020, the world is navigating life inside a pandemic with the COVID-19 virus making in-person events an impossibility. Knowing how comfortable you are with both options will help you make a decision about how much work you are willing to put into building your network and community in order to be successful. If you don’t have a large local community, the option to build an online community will be crucial for your success. At this time, being able to do business entirely online with people because the product and company I represent is versatile enough to navigate between live events and virtual communities will be what makes my business sustainable. Be sure to truly understand what you may or may not be able to do with your products when choosing how you want to build your success.

8. Can you be your own host? If so, how often?
One of the perks of hosting a “party” for your friend in a direct sales company is that you earn rewards for doing so. You earn points or credit towards your purchase of products as an incentive for being the one to introduce the consultant to your network and inviting them into your home (either in person or virtually). As a consultant you may or may not have to opportunity to act as your own host. Essentially, as well as earning the commission for the product you physically sell, you can set yourself up as the host and earn the free and discounted product credits yourself. With the company I represent, I can set myself up as host every month if I wanted. So that when I have orders come in that are not associated with an open “party” or current host, I can add them to one I host myself, earn the rewards and use them to purchase free and discounted product for myself, my customers and hosts as give-aways or choose to give them away in a contest or to charity. Some companies will cap you on how often you can operate as your own host.

9. Does the company you are considering joining share the same values as you?
If you don’t align with the core values of how the company runs, you are not likely to succeed. Do they meet your level of social responsibility or corporate philanthropy? Do you already know representatives within the company who operate in a way that aligns with how you envision running your business? Are they family-owned or run by a corporation? Does that matter to you? How environmentally aware are they with their policies and procedures? Does that matter to you? Do you trust the person you are considering getting into business with?

10. And finally….this is a big one….Do you have support at home??
I have had this conversation with people often. The year I was a session speaker at our National conference it was part of my discussion. And it comes up when I talk with people in any direct sales company, not just the one I represent. If your partner, parents, grandma…whoever you live with really…doesn’t support your decision or your business you will find it significantly harder to succeed. Whether it’s support financially while you get your business going, support with children if you have them, support with maintaining the household so that you have time to work on your business, or just mental and emotional support for you and your choices, if you don’t have that at home this business will be hard. I am forever grateful for the support of my husband. We have 4 young children (and when I started my business we only had 3!) and without him as an ally at home and my biggest fan in business, I would not be where I am now. I have spoken with so many people who struggle with family or friends not understanding why they’ve chosen this industry (and I understand that too – not everyone will!) but if the person (or people) you live with and rely on most for support don’t understand it will be hard. Sometimes it just means finding what it is they need to know or see in order to understand why you do what you do. I know many women who needed to show their partner the money before they really got on board. Others need to know that they won’t be left by the wayside or always in charge of the children and household. Have these kinds of conversations before you choose direct sales!

If you’re interested in more info about what Epicure is all about I’d love to talk to you! Send me a message and we can chat, or read more about the business here. If you already love the idea of direct sales and want to jump in now that’s amazing! When you’re ready to jump in click here and start the process of signing up! I will be in touch to complete the process soon!

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